Thursday, May 04, 2023

moses' internet

there shall be no functionality that comes between people

believe what you hear, but not what you say

the values of the internet are above rubies, but the value of the internet is beneath swine

thou shalt not worship connections - stay loose, and admit nothing.

thou shalt not erect bogus names, and shalt only address the one true destiny

multi-anything is an abomination, there is but one true means of finding the one true way

corruption is everywhere. be constantly aware

do not covet they neighbours paths, they are not the true paths.

goats may not use the internet

nor shall it be easier for a rich man to use ssh, than for a camel to use telnet

the laws are written in cli, which is subject to change. make sure you have read the T&C and are familiar with all their details. If in doubt, consult one of our affordable seven lawyers.


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