Thursday, June 20, 2013

internet of things = SDN + hypergraph

basically, almost any service in the future internet of things can be decomposed into a graph (food/waste, health monitoring/control, environmental, security/access through doors/windows, power network, air con, etc etc) and a set of on/off operations (a few involve set points - like thermostats, but if you assume a network which provides heat, then that is just on/off at some level of granularity)

so we could do this all with SDN applied to a hypergraph - the specific graphs would be VPNs and openflow specifications would say how permissions and TE work, then you just use same tech to run ALL the IoT apps across the VPNs - then your home hub/service center (or cached/cloned copy on your smart phone, or car computer) would just be the controller for this - the state (and audit trail/history) can be written/read to an append only (cf. git/irminsule) database which can therefore be easily replicated for high availability/low latency access, and then you are done....all other tools work
in the right direction...

Where devices might be a bit more complex, we might want to build a simple semantic description system (but many are going to be like the setpoint controller - even your PVR/home digital media recorder) - how many more patterns can there be? well, think how many physical actuators there are (include remote controls for existing legacy devices) and what state/actuator model they have - not many....

IoT - game over...


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