Tuesday, July 31, 2007

look behind you!

The things in this blog entry are all behind you

Monday, July 30, 2007

I dont the best I can and now I want my blog back

Please mr google sir, can I have my blog back?

remember that awesome moment a while back when after a year of experimentally allowing the world to down load the ITU standards for free, there was this announcement on their website saying

it was a moment that revealed the complete cognitive failure of the ITU to "get it" about the Internet.

Well, I've just had one of those moments myself. I have seen the light and I want my blog back here where I can change it not out there where you mr and ms google boss can

so what abaht it? like I can migrate my phoen (with number) to another telephone provider - i can even up and move my web site to another place, so lets say I want to have someone else run my blog but have all the links and alerts still work? why not

BLOG portability now - you know its fair

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

file sharing is communist, declares congress

http://news.com.com/Congress+P2P+networks+harm+national+security/2100-1029_3-6198585.html?tag=nefd.lede>p2p is unamerican and clearly must be suppressed, but the congressmen were dismayed to find that despite billions of dollars of subsidy to DARPA and BBN and Lockheed and so on, the Internet has no off button. The vice president has no clothes.

give away secrets? i dunno, perhaps they ought to pay us for inventing the web:-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the internet of tings

so we now have a full fledged conference on
internet of stuff and i suppose there's probably on on the internet of nonsense too, but what abut the internet of tings - we had the Internet of Pings (planetlab) and the internet of nothings (well, ones and nothings), but what would the Internet of Tings consist of? or rather,
of what would the Internet of Tings consist?

a quick consultation with the OED and we find that a Ting is

. The sound emitted by a small bell, or other resonant body, as a thin glass vessel, as the result of a single stroke; a thinner or sharper sound than that expressed by TANG.

so then, the interne of tings would be somewhat musical - and could be accompanied by an internet of tangs, too.

next week, we'll take a look at the Internet of Mings.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the atlantic auction

can we offer eBay on eBay?
e-z money, or e-king out a living?

Monday, July 16, 2007

RAND survey on self regulation for the internet

the RAND corporation, who have some claim to being the inventors of the internet (paul baran's report possibly predating al gore by some 30 odd years) are running a survey on internet self regulation which seems like a usefully tautologous thing for us to fill in:)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

complexity/diversity at multiple bio-scales

a lot of cosmology nowadays is about linking up between scale at quantum/particle, and galactic/cosmic, as well as very short and long time scales to explain the structure of the universe. this is where all the work on the standard model, and univifcation of the 4 forces etc is all coming into focus

meanwhile, i just read an interesting book on Life: An Introduction to Complex Systems Biology, and previously read Kaufmans's work on The Origins of Order: Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution by Stuart A. Kauffman

so again, we see something similar , but not in the simplicity, as in the physical world, but in the complexity of biological systems - DNA appears to be a very crazy search engine, which finds literally millions of molecules/proteins to make us out of, and finds millions of different ways (species) to make out of these proteins - this is interesting as it implies that life is very easy to construct - it isn't as if DNA and natural selection is a subtle design - its a blunt instrument (although, admittedly, programmes are run for a very long time, and are very wasteful in terms of wrong outputs (things that end up dead and extinct), but it is also very succesful - i'd say somewhat surprisingly so....

yet another proof of the existence of 42?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crowcroft's 10 Laws of Startups

1. Start with two founders, both technical. One must be prepared to move to management (e.g. do MBA) - they can then decide on equal but different footing. Three (unlike stools) is unstable.

2. You need to realize that your first idea is not going to make money. Nor is the bigger, better system you build after you get money. Something very dull and boring based on lots of perl scripts and mysql that you write to make ideas 1 and 2 work may very well turn out to be the winner. If you can GPL the first idea, give away the second, then make money o nthe third, you are probably in good shape.

3. you need to have either very small or very large first round funding - otherwise 2nd round will result in an unsable stock split, and endless arguments, and probably a new CEO

4. Hire a CEO who understands technology, not one who relies on secretaries to read their email and work their voicemail.

5, Do not split over more than 4 hours of timezone differences between sites.

6. Do not waste time and money on IPR (patent,copyright) - write that code faster so the competition are getting further behind.

7. You have 3 exit strategies that are good, one that is ok, one soso, and one that is bad
i) get acquired
ii) IPO
iii) stay a profitable business, but never big
iv) pay off the seed money and go dormant
v) fail to pay back the VC.

8. laugh at your first marketeering and white papers when talking to technical customers about them.

9. eat your own dog and cat food.

10. Computer scientists start lists with zero.

Monday, July 02, 2007

a battery of broken dreams - wireless senseless networks

sensor nets, whats that about then eh? wireless sensor nets. so look at the trends in battery life and the proposals (smart dust, speckled computing etc) for more and more resources distributed in the environment - aint gonna happen - we just looked at a 1 month experiment simply logging where all of a high school population is - we need 2000 devices with either 2000 batteries changing every 10 days, or else being recharged.

its all fantasy - cloud cuckoo senseless vapourware.

but some cute algorithms of course (wicked grin)

self organisation is so much more fun than command and control

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