Saturday, January 31, 2009

cambridge heresies

Ross Anderson has witten a piece for the Times Higher about
the disruptive value inate in thehistory of cambridge
I think its quite right

Monday, January 26, 2009

warrentless wiretaps continue unabated in US

so much for obama's "civil rights" agenda (see for published list of stuff) - he did of course say before he was elected he support this, but you'd hope now he had access to more information he might realize it is bogus

oh well.....absolute power corrupts absolutely, as they say....

I hope you can read this fine, oh NSA..

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Im fairly certain I first heard about this from Vint Cerf over dinner in Palo Alto (possibly in the fine Il Fornaio, on Cowper in Palo Alto) over a fine meal
the evening before he got the SIGCOMM award in
Stanford, late august 1996.

I remember writing on the tablecloth with him
about the RTT variance between earth and mars...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

heathrow expansionist BS

so the government wants to approve expansion of heathrow so as not to lose jobs/business to frankfurt/paris....the claim is heathrow is already losing due to the other airports having 4 runways

the real reason heathrow is losing is because it is so bloody baldy laid out and security is such a pain in the backside that ANYONE who travels from/to/through london will do their damnest to avoid London Hearthrow if they possibly can. This is really simple - heathrow is TOO geographically big and distributed already - it takes too long and cost STUPID amounts of money to get to heathrow (even the so called "heathrow express", the worlds MOST expensive railway route per mike, kands you up at Paddington, which is not exactly well connected when you see how bloody unreliable the circle line is.

No, expanding Heathrow is EXACTLY the wrong thing to do at the wrong time for the wrong reason in the wrong place.

Networking the UK with TGVs - now THAT would be worth doing (and would employ a bunch of people for the next coupld of years) - to be honest, in Cambridge, I could use BIrmingham internatinal airport more easily than Heathrow, if the trains were better:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi-tech mid-life crisis in Nice...

so i just flew into Nice - comin in over the Med in bright sunshine is (like
flyin in to San Fran over the bay) one of my favourite arrivels, with a really nice drive along the coast to near Antibes, Snow-Capped Alpes Maritimes on the horizon....

very pleasant - reminded me I need to revisit childhood traumas and also look into seriosu disorganisation of the senses asap:)

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