Thursday, January 31, 2013

who am i

draft for later today....

Who am i ( & why do we care?)?

Who am i - a person - a behavour
        Jackie Chan, philospher, martial artist, buffoon
        character - despite no id, behaves morally
        a SET of relationships

The rise of the robots
        Golem & rabbi of prague
                on/off meth/emeth, peace/killer
        Frankenstein's monster - no soul, but moral
        Asimiv++ laws of robotics/robish - programming errors...and ais

Weapons and software - provenance and liability
        semtex (those bouncing czechs again) - watermark
                s/w - originators & users - can also watermark/fingerprint
        botnets for hire
                follow the money (click trajectory) - ok for crims
                mad people, however, -- follow god -- no money :) ?

Who cares?

Prurient public interest in celebs - minor celebs - ...
        who really was marilyn monroe...etc etc

Commercial interest in little ole me?
        adverts/recommendations - targetted
        click through (click fraud - bots again:)
        analytics == market research

Government and big data...
        evidence based health, energy and other policies
        finding the bad guys (cliques in social graph)
        panopticon - mission creen

Is the past 12 years "typical" or just a brief mad interlude ?
        do we want to base a future on a small window
        think 1780 "buy canals, young boy"... :-)

        Dunbar - not just a number (150:)
        Social Nets project::- (Oxford (parent of) & Cambridge:-)
        also a law - 3^6 - circles of trust
                theory of mind -> endorphins ->shared experience-> trust
                family, close friends, acquaintaces
        Autism spectrum - are cloud companies just
                high functioning aspergers/stalkers

Tech change
        differential privacy
        homomorphic crypto
        privay preserving
        offers poss. of users "giving" MORE data:)

Policy change
        Privacy Law - Make It So!
        Only hold data that is pertinent, for so long as relevant

        Go further - don't hold data at all.
        I "hold' my data.
        I give you a capability to ask me for my data
        for so long as I allow...

        Audit trail tells me who looked at it when.

        Now no need for one single identity
        (which is an illusion anyhow)

        Me jon(a(than) = work, friends, close family
        My kids - two last names = parents, nationilty

        Future - same as past (but not present) -

        Exploit unique UK position
        -- 1 id per relationship
                bank, tescos, amazon, doctor, school work, friends, family
        with associated keys to data
        -- Data owned by me (replicated encrypted in a million clouds)
        -- no aggregation allowed by others (only me:)

Consequence of tech + law:-
        Allows +me+ to monetize my person

        Tell how much value my store loyalty card is worth

        Provenence - digital footprint/breadcrumbs
        can track s/w
        and robots (or more importantly their programmers or priests)
        and AIs too

Who pays
        I do - because its peanuts--

        Total facebook or google revenue/number of users

        Subscription instead of panopticon
        music high quality content already heading that way

        Note celebs (who am i) aren't on facebook...

        Do you really want to be low quality, marginal profit, product?

Monday, January 07, 2013

Internet of Senses

as blogged elsewhere, i've recently been upgraded so I now have better eyesight than for a long time due to intra-ocular implants (placcy lenses to you:)
and digital hearing tech - the digital hearing tech is cool - the aids have a 16 band grahpic eq programme you can set - in principle, this can be done "over the air" and also you can stream audio to them so they are the ultimate in-the-ear headphones too:)

however, on a much simpler front. I've been trying to obtain the simplest phone for my 90yr old mum and (as I'd like to not have to wear the hearing aids 24*7) for myself - what I want would have NOTHING but a standard good old fashioned big-button phone interface and handset (corded, not cordless, as finding lost handsets in a 4 story house is already consuming a non-sustainable amount of time) - but as well as big buttons, I'd like a customisable level of EQ/amplification on incoming and outgoing audio levels. the simplest thing would be a tone/gain control on the base of the phone under a sliding flap, which, once set, would be LEFT ALONE....a betterer thing might be a little web service i could access from an app on my cell phone to configure it, and (here's the personalisation bit) a setting to set it to switch to a given audio setting for each detected bluetooth device nearby (so the presence of my phone would switch it to higher gain) - alternatively (and even betterrerer, and as well as) would be to use speaker recognition to switch gain level up (e.g. my mum saying "hello, hello, anyone there")

all the phones I can find (e.g. via the action-on-hearing website) that do amplification AND big buttons, also have at least 9 more buttons than necessary, and many require you to click on the "amp" button each time you use the phone (doh!) rather than having a setpoint config, and one time button for exceptions...but my speakerer recog thing would be easy to program up, and I reckon such a phone could be done for <10 p="p" quid="quid">
the fact that it doesn't exist just proves the market in the area for elderly and challenged people is severely broken. severely.

such a phone would actually be nice for anyone if designed right too... ... ..

i suppose i could take apart a cheapoh (argos cheapest) big button phone and put an amp in, and a dsp chip and do the thing myself....but life's too short...

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