Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How children of the future may speak?

I just re-read clockwork orange and re-discovered Nadsat, the cockney/russian mix that Anthony Burgess made up for his teenage hooligans of the future- of course, this wasn't the first or last book to have a child narrate a story in a fictionalized future version of english - other notable books I have read include
Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban
Feersum Endjin by Iain () Banks
Ellvissy (and other Ambient series books) by Jack Womack

I can think of others, but not necessarily as potent as these ones - what's interesting
is how similar the effect is - I wonder if any fans have created other stories using the same character or language variant? A boy and his dog in the style of Banks' or
Peter Pan in Hoban's?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the death of the internet

so over time, a given technology accrues grime, grot, and entropy

at the start, when it is shiny and new, innovation is fast and furious

as the new kids on the block turn into incumbents, their resistence to change grows
til a certain point, it is more expensive to pursuade them to do do something new
than just to go somewhere else and do it there

we passed this point in the Internet when multicast failed to deploy even though there was a clear need for it

the use of terms like Borg, phrases like "resistence is futile" and so on, are well placed.

so as demand grows, the value on the legacy goes up, the value of innovation falls - the crossing point is where you can find: "The Death of the Internet". 1992.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Next Generation Internet is already here...

So two goals of research in the last 10 years on NGI (Next Generation Internet) have been
1/ Active Nets - programmable services
2/ Virtualisation

so what are viruses if not virtual services and what is 0wning a botnet, but active networks?

so clearly, on the "if you can't beat em, join em" model, we need to make
botnets into a service - there are many advantages to this approach over, say, running Xen on a farm in a data center
a) free (like the internet)
b) already works
c) anonimity
d) powerful (can take on small countries and win)
e) add your reason here

IP version 0 is here. embrace and extend

p.s. use of IRC and DynDNS of course is a bit sad, and we will have a few hundred papers on how to replace these with suitable onion routing crowds, small stretch ad hoc peer to peer plug in, tune out and drop by alternatives... ... ...

remember, you read it here first, both of you:)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

prime radiant

I wonder if one could write an inverse history of the internet - re-reading snow crash discovering that the idea of google earth and vlbi were around years before google existed, then re-reading the Foundation series, one finds even cooler ideas == what lurks in all those medieval latin manuscripts? the secret of Gbps UWB long haul cooperative mimo networking? who knows ? my latin is too rusty...

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