Wednesday, August 10, 2022

the resistable rise&fall of data science - an etymology and an entymology

we went out to bag data for our AI,

but abundant data was poor, and good data was expensive,

so we went to beg data for our AI,

but rich data owners aren't generous with sharing,

so we accumulated and accumulated big data for our AI,

but our data was as a primeval swamp and we had

bog data we might as well throw down the loo,

so we realised that the history of our endeavours

was bug data and was in the bag, and we wouldn't have to 

beg for it, and we could sell it to people who

wanted big data and not bog data, although our bagged 

unbegged -or big data was from the bog and it was a wealth of 

bugs that made it all worthwhile.

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