Tuesday, November 09, 2021

10 reasons I'm not giving you my data


1 there isn't any ( I made it up)

2 I don't understand the tools I use so I have no idea how they got from data to cool graphs

3 I don't have time/money/people to work on making data usable by other people, so I'll just keep it for the next 19 papers we can dice and slice from it

4 you'll find mistakes in my paper

5 you'll find mistakes in my data

6 you'll uncover massive privacy invasion

7 you'll uncover a massive breach of ethics

8 you won't give me your data anyhow

9 I lost the data

10 the policy says I won't get any kudos/promotion if I share data

11 I can't count

Note all these apply to code as well. Note Bene, all these apply to the paper in the first place, it is just more work for your adversary (competitor) to re-do the code and data as well as the paper. So why do people share papers? If mechanisms (incentives) work for that, then same mech should work for data and code, no?

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