Wednesday, May 31, 2023

autonomous vehicles with a moral compass

AI ethicists got stuck up a blind alley with the trolley problem. 

Any autonomous vehicle with a true moral compass would:

a) block human driven vehicles from making progress, as human errors in driving are the cause of many deaths every day on the roads.

b) stop and ask the passengers to get out and walk, as the pollution from vehicles (until we are able to generate all energy used renewably, and until manufacture of such vehicles is net zero) is accelerating global heating which is starting to threaten mega-deaths, so we need to change our life styles rapidly.

Of course, such behaviour would lead many humans to "other" the AI - given we can't tolerate human climate protestors (they "disrupt" things too much for commuters - boo hoo - wait til they see a real cimate emergency hit these shores) - we will learn to treat them the way we treat foreigners (illegal aliens).

SF taught us this all so many times already decades ago.

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