Monday, May 24, 2021

what's in an NHS App QR code that vouches for your vaccine status?


If you've got the NHS app (the one you use for booking appointments, or repeat prescriptions, not the contact tracer one), you can download a vaccine/covid status to it - here's mine, decoded

on it, you see my name & dob and the vaccine dose name, batch number and date, plus it is signed, and can be checked for its legitimacy - there's international protocols (at least for EU, and the UK Is still cooerating on that). If you dont have a phone capable of running the app, you can get a letter from your GP (takes a few days) - not too much data being given away here- you don't need to show the vaccine status being downloaded, you can store it (or get it emailed)and a border person could check it with (presumably) some other app and check name/dob against passport.

the code is valid for 1 month - i.e. it expires, so you then just download (or get emailed) a new one - so long as the vaccine wasn't so long ago that it's efficacy has dimmed (and we dont know how long that is yet for all the vaccines in use) you should just get a new valid QR code or cert (or letter) for another month...

not a lot of privacy threat here....nor is it a huge burden on systems to run something like this...


trust framework:


<COSE_Sign1: [{'Algorithm': 'Es256', 'KID': b'Key5PRO'}, {}, b'\xa4\x01bGB' ... (350 B), b'\xd1zo\xb3\x1b' ... (64 B)]>
    "-260": {
      "1": {
        "dob": "xxxxxxxxxx",
        "nam": {
          "fn": "Crowcroft",
          "fnt": "CROWCROFT",
          "gn": "Jonathan",
          "gnt": "JONATHAN"
        "v": [
            "ci": "",
            "co": "GB",
            "dn": "1",
            "dt": "2021-02-11",
            "is": "NHS Digital",
            "lot": "EL7834",
            "ma": "ORG-100030215",
            "mp": "EU/1/20/1528",
            "sd": "2",
            "tg": "840539006",
            "vp": "1119349007"
            "ci": "",
            "co": "GB",
            "dn": "2",
            "dt": "2021-04-09",
            "is": "NHS Digital",
            "lot": "ER1749",
            "ma": "ORG-100030215",
            "mp": "EU/1/20/1528",
            "sd": "2",
            "tg": "840539006",
            "vp": "1119349007"
        "ver": "1.0.0"
    "1": "GB",
    "4": 1624147200,
    "6": 1621341834


import sys

import zlib

from base45 import b45decode

from cose.messages import CoseMessage

import cbor2

import json

qr = input("QR plz: ")


if qr.startswith('HC1'):

              qr = qr[3:]

              if qr.startswith(':'):

                  qr = qr[1:]

bin = b45decode(qr)


foo = zlib.decompress(bin)


bar = CoseMessage.decode(foo)


baz = bar.payload

baz = cbor2.loads(baz)

fee = json.dumps(baz, indent=4, sort_keys=True)



reminder of value of contact tracing:-

but also of risks:-

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