Monday, May 24, 2021

Photo Id for Voting in the UK

 There are about 3.5M people of voting age in the UK who dont have photo id.

May cannot afford a passportt and don't drive so won't get a driving license.

so government proposals to require photo id for voting is 

a) unfair on them as the hassle of getting some other voter id will deter some from voting, and is cleatly motivated around which segment of society they are likely from, politically.

b) Plan B is to have local councils generate free, or very cheap, photo id for those people to get on demand. Not a great plan, since such Id will then become a target for fake id (as it is in the USA).

This will increase voter fraud (which currently in the UK runs at about 1 case per election). at a cost of about £20M per annum. brilliantly counter productive.

but also (as experience in NI and aforesaid USA shows) will also be used for age verification, and even ID checks for people making payments, hence increasing fraud there, massively. 

Ironically, something the Online Harms bill shoud really be addressing - another piece of pointless

government legislation ust to be seen to be doing "something" for a problem that exists in another country, but not here. doh.

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