Saturday, February 17, 2024

mandatory foley sounds

you know it was suggested that EVs that are so beautifully silent, should be required to make a bit of fake engine or tyre noise just so pedestrians and cyclists are aware they are there.

but what is far more urgent is that we need people carrying phones they are staring at to do the same (oh, ok, maybe not revving diesel, or screeching rubber - maybe some other thing like belches, or farts or other human like sounds)....then if i'm cycling along, i know there's a stupid pedestrian who doesn't know I am there because they aren't looking before they step into the road. 

the phone could also emit a radio beacon to warn EVs to slam the brakes on.

or we could just let darwin play out...

oh, thinking about this, we could also imagine that the reason aliens have not been in touch with earthlings in all the 100 years we've been beaming out radio to them is that it is entirely possible that any sufficiently advanced civilisation has forgotten where the unmute button is.

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