Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Ministry of Intelligence Test

 Julia was getting very worried - she had failed the test 6 times, and this was the last attempt she'd be allowed for another year. The MiT was essential for being allowed to take part in society as a full human, otherwise one's options were severely limited to social media compliance checking and self-driving car monitoring. The Ministry had emerged post 3rd world war from the various MI#s combined with a realisation that the Turing Test, which had been allowed during hostilities to permit AIs to make lethal decisions, was incredibly unreliable. As with witnesses in court, and narrators in novels, humans are very badly calibrated to determine if another being, machine or meat, was actually "one of them". It was in the genes, in fact, to be biased against anyone or thing sufficiently different. So the MiT was handed over to machines, wo were far more able to tell reliably who was sentient, and what was a souped up combine harvester on the make.

Julia had invited her best friends Pascal and Ada over for some moral support and help. Ada had past the test recently so was her best hope. "Don't try to think too many things at once" she advised. "You mean like a late Russel T Davies Dr Who narrative arc?", Julia asked. "Yes, exactly", replied Ada " it just is a give away that you've had a committee help you prepare - We just aren't that good at multitasking.". "Exactly!" and "No way!" cried Pascal and Julia at the same time.

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