Friday, May 30, 2014

Solution to the Google Glass Privacy Problem

It's obvious that Google Glass is the only way we will solve the dementia problem of the future, but the current worry on many peoples' mind is the ominpresent privacy risk - as written about so cogently in Dave Eggars' book, The Circle, this is not acceptable.

I propose a solution, not very different than several technologies I invented many years ago such as the Hairt and the Gurl (a clear pre-cursor to the Glass, and obviously prior art sufficient to bust any patent on it:)

The solutions is that every Glasshole shall be given a regulat supply of enough kits for everyone in every social encouter that might cause embarassment for innocent bystanders (colleagues, sexual partners, family etc) - a suitable kit is already available for around 5 bucks - see google tache proposal, for one fine product.

This would also make many pub situations infinitely more entertaining.

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