Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning to Lose L in ItaLian...but why...

can anyone say when the Italians lost the L in Florence (and Flora - e.g.
firenze and fiori) - it was sure there in Latin, and is still there for most latin
rooted languages...

lost letters are fun (look for cedillas in french- they indicate missing s...from old
french or even langue d'oc i believe) - of course, I might just be being naive
missing umlaut) - perhaps these letters were stolen by alients who had an increibly
advanced culter but no alphabet, and needed to make one up, but didnt have the
creativity to invent their own... or else perhaps the dolphins took them to put in a
museum to remember the best bits of earth...

ah, now what do the missing letters from all those languages spell?

oh, wat, i have it...they spell
"the secret to eternal life and happiness is.....arrghhhhhhhh!!!!"

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