Wednesday, June 13, 2007

new approach to email

I'm trying an experiment just now - all my e-mail is deleted - if you want to send me a message you need to put it on a web log (sorry, blog) or wikipedia, and I will get a google alert on a (private, whilelist only) mail address and will get back to you. This both rate limits how often new people can send to me, and scales my mail to google's search/alert system, which is probably better than the university's - of course, if everyone did it it might be very interesting!

three things one hopes to learn
a. how fast google scan/alert stuff runs
(it hasn't found michael dales blog of my email autoanswer yet, but its early days
b. how many people care
c. if anyone thinks of an attack...


quentinsf said...

Perhaps, then, the easiest way to contact you is by posting comments on your blog posts? :-)

jon crowcroft said...

i suspect statusq gets visited by gargoyle^H^H^Hgoogle more often than paravirtualisation

but whaddyino (TM)

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