Friday, November 28, 2008

startup midwifery and RAI*

i seem to find my life interleaved with helping new spinouts get going without being actually a founder or shareholder (number 12 yesterday - more news later) - its fun, but not-for-profit:-)

meanwhile thinking about RAI* (Redundant Arrays of Independent Stuff):-
An alphabet soup of these leads to some possibly neat ideas such as

Redundant Array of Independent Architectures = Virtualisation+Emulation
RAI Bytes - well this is just FEC
RAI Computers = Derek Murray/Steve Hand's Spread Spectrum Computing
RAI Disks (the original one:)
RAI Electricity (power supply backup/battery/diesel/solar etc)
RAI Frames = layered coded video
RAI Gods = polytheism (even more playing safe than Agnosticism:)
RAI Help = Google
RAI Internets = Virtualise the Internet
RAI Jobs = academics:)
RAI Kludges = s/w reliability technique used in aerospace quite a lot
RAI Links = Multipath
RAI Memory - obviously
RAI NOtifications - what you get from signing up to too many social net sites
RAI Objects = Eternity File System
RAI Projectors - coping with speakers who have Macs or Windows or Linux laptops
RAI Queues - being english
RAI Redundancy = Recursion - or maybe redundant array of indepenent recursions
RAI Security - what we really have - insecurity
RAI Testtubes = life sciences:)
RAI Users - Sys Admin view of the world
RAI Virtualisation = see recursion
RAI WOrk - see Academics
RAI Xen - 4.0, 5.0 etc
RAI Years - life, pain in diodes, left hand side, etc
RAI Zeros = fault tolerant implementation of /dev/null

we can replace Independent with Guardian, Times, Express

Redundant Array of Guardian Actions
for example...even makes sense and is a groovy Indian musical

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