Wednesday, November 12, 2008

brainy bumbershutes or the sentient umbrella

in this age where we have free bikes available in all intelligent (civilized) cities (e.g. Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam), and we are busy outfitting them with wireless sensors to report where they are, when, and what the weather is like (skidding, lights) and pollution (air/noise), we should note that these said same cities also haveunreliable humidity - so we need a citywide free umbrella system - the umbrellas could be kitted out with torches in the handles - these torches could be powered by batteries which contain sensors (so that we can find an umbrella)

a sentient umbrella city app on an [ig]-phone would pop up and buzz when the weather in the owners locale was about to turn rainy, and tell them "100 meters down the street on the right is a city-free umbrella - you can see it as I have just start ed flashing its light...and warned other people that this one is now yours for the next 1km/hour... ... ...

[if anyone can find the origin of the word "bumbershute" as an alternative for umbrella, please let me or tim griffin know asap:-)

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