Sunday, October 19, 2008

the bbc versus the guitar

the bbc versus the guitar

even when trying to help....

for a long time now I have suspected that the BBC hosts a demon
of massive anti-guitar inclinations - last note i watched the 3rd
episode of the Story of The guitar and amassed yet more evidence -
Yentob talked to pete twonshend about allegedly "ubiquitous"
Marshall amps - then proceede to
show several clips of The Who, not one of which had a marshallamp on stage - instead, Vox, Hiwatt and Fender...given the Marshall
amp is actually ubiquitous, they either "photoshopped" these
clips, or found weird rare footage - quite a trick:)

i then scanned through the last episode of guitar heroes and noticed
that two of the songs (Thin Lizzy and U2) were from top of the pops
and were blatantly mimes (i.e. from the period when TOTP routinely did
this) -

a set by Little Feat had the heinous, but omnipresent error BBC
music show producers commit (even on old Whistle Test footage and on
Later) of showing the rhythm guitarist or bass player's hands when the
lead (or in this instance, slide) player is doing his/her thing...


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