Monday, May 04, 2009

mid-flight crisis phobia

i hate flying
but it is a tiny bit comforting to know that so do a lot of people

after years of sitting in airports seeing people nattering on their mobile phones up to the last possible moment (and after in many cases) it is clear to me that most people have a built in fear of imminent mortality destructive testing...

this is added to by the number of people in UK airports who go up to those fancy fast car lotteries - it is clear no-one in their right mind would buy a 20 quid lottery ticket for a car they could never really drive - but many people in air ports behave like
men in the middle age (male meno-pausal) crisis who need to test their testosterone (when, by the way, do we get issued with proper osterone that has passed all the tests?:)

ayeee - human frailty, thy name is frequent traveller

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