Wednesday, September 10, 2008

information leakage in the 21st century internet

one of today's big problems is information leakage - it is all around us - it leads to loss of privacy, identity, safety and many other rights and privileges. the big problem is unplugged Ethernet cables - every unplugged Ethernet cable can lead to 100 million bits per second of data being sprayed out willy nilly all over the shop. Indeed, an unplugged cable represents two sources of leakage - the cable and the empty socket.

one of the principal causes of cable unplugging is wireless Ethernet - people think that 11Mbps without being tethered is so much better than 100Mbps of indentured slavery. However, wireless Ethernet leads to another 11Mbps of leakage even if someone is receiving your bits. I blame data networking experts - if they'd listened to the telephone, they'd have realized that circuits are so much more secure, because everything goes around and then comes around, in a circuit - no leakage.

Clearly, one can see why there is so much misinformation and noise in the world - the immense growth in the outernet (leakage from the Internet) has completely overtaken the actual intentional transmission of meaningful information.

So that now, we are swamped with letters and phonecalls and blogs, just like this one.

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