Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the internet of tings

so we now have a full fledged conference on
internet of stuff and i suppose there's probably on on the internet of nonsense too, but what abut the internet of tings - we had the Internet of Pings (planetlab) and the internet of nothings (well, ones and nothings), but what would the Internet of Tings consist of? or rather,
of what would the Internet of Tings consist?

a quick consultation with the OED and we find that a Ting is

. The sound emitted by a small bell, or other resonant body, as a thin glass vessel, as the result of a single stroke; a thinner or sharper sound than that expressed by TANG.

so then, the interne of tings would be somewhat musical - and could be accompanied by an internet of tangs, too.

next week, we'll take a look at the Internet of Mings.

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea. Here's a quick implementation based on a network sonification project from last year. Requires tcpdump, perl and fluidsynth.

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