Friday, June 29, 2007

an internet of action

I am fed up with the cliche about the internet of things - the cool thing with the net
so far is that it is an internet of ideas - if we want the next exciting stage, it is not an internet of things (light switches) it is an internet of action -

The All Action Internet (AAI) - this will be an internet where you can make stuff happen (your heart beats faster as you click on an icon and your shoes change colour)

You slide on a scroll bar at the side of the car dash board and the car in front moves further away

you tab through various house designs on a fashion site, and the walls and furniture in your house morph

thats what
I'm talking about

oh, and i dislike people getting credit for terms they didn't make up - dave clark was talking about the
internet of things before yahoo was even dreamed of.

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