Sunday, June 10, 2007

the angels have the phone box

I'm not usually a sucker for 1 liners but this one yesterday on a certain british tv show takes the biscuit - I want the T-shirt - i want the transcript

and no, if you don't know what I'm talking about, too bad:-)
if you do, blink:-(

p.s. quantum neutral aliens who don't exist when you observe them,
how cool is that, eh?

possibly the best scifi transcript (with the coversation between a live person and easter eggs on 40 year old dvds) in decades.

magic and not a dalek in sight

so alas half the folks selling (very nice) T shirt design's have sold out:(

meanwhile, when will the Dr get an honarary chair in some decent university (Cambridge, obviously since he's a techie) and then become
Professor Who!


Tall Man with Glasses said...

If you'd like a t-shirt, I've designed what I consider to be rather a good one. Find ii here...

Dangerous said...

Here's another one for you!

This was really a great episode, probably my favorite of this year!

Elenopa said...

And another,

2paw said...

Isn't it a fantastic episode? I have to watch it about 47 more times. So cool, so convoluted, so wibbly-wobbly tiney-wimey. We only just saw the episode 2 hours ago here. Am still basking in its wonder. Am thinking of making my own T shirt!!!

Glypho Phobet said...

And another t-shirt inspired by Blink:

kimberly said...

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KalEl el Vigilante said...

No, he would become Professor Doctor ;)

osojoso said...

Check out today. Fast! You've only got 15 hours left till the design is gone! ;)

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