Monday, January 25, 2016

blockchain for gun control

so distributed ledger technology is a new technology that is all the rage in some government circles. while Bitcoin as the exemplar of the use of the technology for an electronic replacement for cash and credit cards, has its detractors (and they are mostly not wrong), the underlying system allows one to track transaction history associated with a physical object  - one of the UK government's use cases in the report linked above, is the idea of being able to avoid buying "blood diamonds".

so how  about we propose using this for arms control (everything from nukes, to hand guns, and ammo) ? there are ways even without putting "smarts" in the gun (ballistics can often match gun/ammo to each other in any case, and one can move to more careful signatures easily)...

then one could start to look at liability. i.e. people that own weappns would have to take responsibility for a change.

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