Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BGP and canals

who'd have think it, but there's a policy routing mechanism on your everyday british canal syste - when a richer canal company joined a lower one, they'd put in a gratuitous lock, to control the flow of water - i.e. tier 1 to tier 2 would make sure that people would always benefit the tier-1 in terms of water supply

so you get these itty bitty 6 inch high lock gates every now and then

of course, now its all british waterways board, so its one VPN sort of:)


Simon Leinen said...

The canal system already had other Future Internet features such as content-based charging. See table 2 of http://www.dtc.umn.edu/~odlyzko/doc/pricing.architecture.pdf

clog said...

oh yes, andrew odlyzko is pretty encyclopedia for precursors to internet quirkology in prior tech - thanks for reminder!

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