Monday, July 19, 2010

the future of the interweb is dark, dark, dark

just read this note about who publishes what on bittorrent portals and why

much like a lot of the dark underbelly of the internet, its a bit of a sordid mess...

if it isn't fake content by copyright protectionista, it's likely to be
self-advertising by big sites or porn or malware perveyors....


test said...

It is an interesting work, but it looks really close to the LEET'10 paper

hey!!! said...

Good point, LEET'10 paper is a great work, actually the paper mentioned in the post reference it.

However by reading both papers they seem quite different. LEET'10 focus on privacy and looks at both major content publisher and major content consumers. Regarding major content publishers it basically looks at the skewness of the distribution of num of content published by each publisher as well as the topological/geographical location of major content publishers.
However, the new paper focuses exclusively in Content Publishers and seems to provide deeper analysis. Essentially:

-The new paper study the socio-econmic aspects of Content Publishing in BitTorrent. The main contribution of the new paper is to consider "incentive of major publisher", the underlying factor, not the resulting skewed dist of contribution, this issue is (presumably) not explored in the LEET paper.

- Furthermore the paper study the "Signature" of these major publishers (that seems to not be considered in the LEET'10 paper). Signature includes the type of published content, the popularity of the published content and the seeding behavior.

- Finally, the paper points to an application that continuously monitors the Content Publishing Activity of the major BitTorrent Portal (The PirateBay). This application is publicly available.

I would recommend people to read both papers since both of them provide novel, nice but different results.

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