Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new surreality TV show pitch

Goth Factor:- this is a competition like X factor, only people have to behave like dead rock starts but crossed with their seperated-at-birht character from Twighlight (or Near Dark:)

Think Glee meets Shaun of the Dead - you thought those were pork scratchings? :-)

the programme opening music will show the evolution of michael jackson over is lifetime, backwards, proving that he was in fact a vampire, but living in a reversed temporal frame of reference - the hints are there (not just obvious ones like Thriller, but subversive references to his were-rat sister in the themesong Ben)

The programme will have innocent x-factor (pop idol) type people up against actual zombie/vampire/were-guitarists, who, when they win, eat the losers.

I guarantee it will be huge.

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