Tuesday, August 05, 2008

pointless networks

so i just upgraded my mac and now I have a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard on my desk - great - 2 less wires:-)

but then I have to reboot the mac whenever the batteries go flat and i replace them, coz it can't auto-rediscover the devices:(

so the uni just upagraded the entire phone net to cisco VOIP kit - and now instead of 1 wire on my desk fro mthe phone, I have 3 wires - what is worse is the phone is now inline in the ethernet between my mac and the department's switch, which means if it fails, my net access breaks.
what is worse still is I cannot "login" to the phone and upload/download my address book (or synch the address book between my cell phone, my email and the voip phone.

progress? I think not.


Laura James said...

Still looking forward to new phones which can do more than just make calls, here. Bit disappointing that they don't sound as great in your review as they do on the shiny marketing literature.

My macs can cope with BT mouse/kbd battery replacement without reboot btw - I usually just replace the batteries, click teh mouse a few times, and I'm away. Wonder what's up with yours?

clog said...

so my smart phone can do all this stuff over GSM, 3G and wifi, so why can't cisco:)

the mac - its a mac mini - its just possible i let the battery be dead for too long:(

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