Saturday, February 17, 2007

Next Generation Internet is already here...

So two goals of research in the last 10 years on NGI (Next Generation Internet) have been
1/ Active Nets - programmable services
2/ Virtualisation

so what are viruses if not virtual services and what is 0wning a botnet, but active networks?

so clearly, on the "if you can't beat em, join em" model, we need to make
botnets into a service - there are many advantages to this approach over, say, running Xen on a farm in a data center
a) free (like the internet)
b) already works
c) anonimity
d) powerful (can take on small countries and win)
e) add your reason here

IP version 0 is here. embrace and extend

p.s. use of IRC and DynDNS of course is a bit sad, and we will have a few hundred papers on how to replace these with suitable onion routing crowds, small stretch ad hoc peer to peer plug in, tune out and drop by alternatives... ... ...

remember, you read it here first, both of you:)

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